Tornador Mini Z-007

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Tornador® MINI Z-007: The classic cleaning device is now also available in MINI format: small, compact and with a lot of power. Especially in hard-to-reach areas, the size and handling of the MINI-Tornador® are unbeatable. The Tornador® hose technology, proven for over 2 decades, once again ensures excellent cleaning results. An ideal tool in pocket format and an ideal supplement for all preliminary work in vehicle preparation.

  • small, compact and powerful
  • suitable for trouser pockets: immediately ready for use
  • for dry cleaning
  • with proven Tornador® – hose – technology
  • Impulse cleaning with high volume flow
  • Ergonomic, cold-insulated and low-vibration

Thanks to its compact and handy design, the Tornador® Mini Z-007 is quickly to hand and ready for use. The high volume flow supports the impulse technology and thus the special cleaning effect. Ideally suited for areas that are difficult to access, electronic components or for cleaning of repair and spare parts.

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