Tornador Basic Z-014RS Dry Cleaning Spray Gun

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Part number - ITCZ-014RS

The Tornador® BASIC Z-014RS has more than proven itself in applications where the conventional fluid reservoir makes accessing tight spaces complicated. Whether under the seats, in the engine compartment or sensitive electronic components, the Tornador® BASIC Z-014RS forcefully and easily cleans even stubborn dirt.

It is also perfectly suitable for the quick and thorough drying of damp surfaces and areas since its large and extensive volume flow blows the moisture from the object in no time at all.

Cleaning spray gun based on the Tornador® technology for quick and efficient cleaning of all spaces where access is limited such as ventilation slots, seat rails, door oddments trays, dashboards as well as for quick cleaning of repair and spare parts, etc. Due to the unique air swirling technology (pneumatic milling machine) even stubborn contamination can be eliminated quickly and reliably. Ideal for second-hand vehicle detailing, for removing dog hair or restructuring velour surfaces.

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