Tools and Accessories for Spray Paint Cans - Handle, Tape & Drape, Microfiber


The Superwrap Pro Application Kit contains everything you need for an easy and even application.

What's included : 

  • 1x Trigger Grip
  • 1x Tape & Drape
  • 1x Microfiber
  • 1x 1 1/2in Masking Tape


- Superwrap Microfiber is the perfect tool to prep your surface or maintain your Superwrap surface.
- The Tape & Drape is a must-have product for your Superwrap projects. The tape is applied directly on 21in /55 cm wide masking film to protect from overspray and dust.
- Superwrap 1 1/2 in masking tape is a high quality tape designed for auto repair and painting. This tape is ideal for a wide variety of applications and leaves no adhesive residue after removal. (36mm x 55m)
- Superwrap Trigger Grip easily attaches to our DIY aerosols, transforming them into professional-style spray guns with unprecedented control, for hours of effortless, pain-free spraying.

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