• Cleans DPF filter, catalytic converter, N0X tramp or ADblue injector without dismantle. 
  • Dissolves and eliminates soot from DPF and catalytic systems. 
  • Evaporates with no residue left.
  • Metal free formula.
  • Valid for every EURO 5 & 6 exhaust systems. 

Instructions - only for professional use

  • Shake the product well. 
  • Disconnect the temperature or pressure or any other sensor acceding to the DPF and/or catalytic converter full of product. 
  • Assemble the sensor. 
  • Induce a regeneration cycle and erase all the errors. 
  • Preform a test drive for 20 minutes. 

Dose for 1 cleaning. Recommended add DPF purifier after the cleaning.