Superwrap- Maranello Red



  • Single can = 1x Maranello Red
  • Up To 17" = 1x Preparation Spray, 2x Artic White, 2x Maranello Red
  • 18" And 19" = 1x Preparation Spray, 3x Artic White, 3x Maranello Red
  • 20" And 22" = 1x Preparation Spray, 3x Artic White, 4x Maranello Red

Our Maranello Red requires 4-6 wet coats of Arctic White as a base and 4-6 wet coats of Maranello Red.
Our purest expression of a true racing color. Named after a little town in Italy known worldwide as the home of Ferrari and Scuderia Ferrari Formula One racing team.


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