Drill Doctor 750X with Extra Grinding Wheel ITCDD750X

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Part Number - ITCDD750X

The top of the line 750X sharpens drill bits from 3/32” to 3/4”. Point angles can be set anywhere from 115 to 140 degrees. Adjustable material take-off allows you to adjust the amount of material removed during sharpening - extending the life of your bits. The 750X is built to stand up to professional use.

  • Sharpens standard twist and masonry bits from 3/32" to 3/4"
  • Custom point angle sharpening: set any angle from 115 to 140 degrees
  • Adjustable material take-off: Allows the user to change the amount of material removed during sharpening to further extend the life of your bits
  • Cast aluminium point angle shuttle for added durability
  • Sharpens Carbide, Cobalt, High-Speed Steel, Black Oxide, TiN-Coated, twist and Masonry bits
  • Longer chuck jaws hold bits more precisely, and jaw guides eliminate jaw twisting on small bits
  • Able to create and sharpen split point bits.
  • "Push to Stop" drill point splitting port: Will not allow you to over split the bit point
  • Permanent magnet motor produces consistent power, regardless of speed or load
  • Easy to replace diamond sharpening wheel
  • 6 foot power cord
  • Includes storage bag

What's in the box?

  • 750X Drill Bit Sharpener
  • 3/4" chuck (for bits from 3/32” to 3/4”)
  • 180 grit diamond sharpening wheel (pre-installed)
  • 750X User Guide
  • Storage bag
  • Wheel hub wrench (for changing or replacing diamond sharpening wheels)

How-To Video


A 3-Year Warranty protects every Drill Doctor bit sharpener against defects due to workmanship or design; abrasives excluded. Warranty does not cover industrial or commercial use.

NOTE: This is the UK 3 pin plug version sold and despatched by International Tool Company ltd an approved supplier for Darex, Drill Doctor in the UK.

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