Carburetor Synchrometer Flow Meter - ITCSK1-30/1

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Part Number - ITCSK1-30/1

Carburetor Synchrometer (SK)

This Synchrometer can be used for balancing multi-barrel carburetors and fits multiple automotive vehicles. This precision measuring tool accurately indicates the amount of air flowing through the carburetor, allowing engine speed adjustments to the carburetor more easily.

The SK model Synchrometer fits air intakes from  1" & 5/8"  (40mm) to 2" & 1/8" (55mm) in diameter.

By using adapters shown in the adapter list the Synchrometer can be used on a wide range of different carburetors.


  • The SK Synchrometer measures flow mass from 1-30 Kg/Hour.

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