Power Probe POWPPTK0003 Piercing Probe Kit



At Power Probe, we believe things should be simple. That’s why we design tools to make complex automotive technology accessible for the modern auto technician. As automotive technology continues to evolve, Power Probe will provide innovative Technology, Energy, and Knowledge solutions for technicians and consumers alike.

Piercing Probe Kit PPTK0003

The Power Probe Piercing Probe Kit. Features: Able to handle 8AWG-28AWG, self-centering, 4mm banana plugs, color coded for easy recognition, able to test wires in hard to reach places.

PPTK0003 Piercing Probe Kit probes are very sharp very suitable for piercing 4mm Banana Jack Yellow 8-18 gauge wires as the Green 20-28 gauge wires
Original Part #(PPPP01 and PPPP02)

- 1- Yellow 4mm Banana Jack  8-18 gauge wires

- 1 – Green 4mm Banana Jack  20-28 gauge wires

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