Drill Doctor 360X

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Easy to use, no jigs required - patented technology works every time! Sharpens over 200 sizes of drill bits. Long-lasting diamond sharpening wheel. Sharpens bits from 2.5-13mm, carbide, high-speed steel & black Oxide, Tin-coated, Masonry and standard twist, 3 pin plug UK.

  • Accurate resharpening of HSS, carbide tipped and titanium nitride coated drill bits
  • An easy alignment system for accurate resharpening
  • Patented chuck design makes even small drill bits easy to align
  • Sharpens any bit to a 118-degree point
  • Accepts drill bits from 3/32" up to 1/2" in diameter


    A 3-Year Warranty protects every Drill Doctor bit sharpener against defects due to workmanship or design; abrasives excluded. Warranty does not cover industrial or commercial use.

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